Workplace Fatality Data [Infographic]

We’ve gathered data from numerous sources on workplace fatalities across many different industries and have compiled all of the information into an easy to digest infographic here.  Hopefully, this helps put into perspective the importance of workplace safety training, and it may even show some things you didn’t know!

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Workplace Injuries and Fatalities Graphic

Key Takeaways from These Workplace Safety Statistics

Although we looked at a lot of data we wanted to highlight the statistics we felt were most relevant at the time of creating it. Here are those 3 areas.

  1. Number of Fatal Work Injuries by State
  2. Number of Fatal Work Injuries Since 1992
  3. Ways in Which Fatal Workplace Injuries Happen

Which States Have the Highest Number of Fatal Work Injuries?

We found that the states with the most included Texas, California, Pennsylvania, Florida, Illinois, New York and Ohio. Many of these make sense if you look at the type of work and the size of the workforce in these more densely populated states.

Fatal Injuries in The Workplace Since 1992

As you can see in the graph, since 1992 the total number of fatalities has gone down steadily as OSHA’s budget has increased. The chart clearly shows that safety awareness and proper training have been well worth the investment.

Common Workplace Injuries With Fatal Results

  • Transportation Incidents
  • Assaults and Violent Acts
  • Contact With Objects/Equipment
  • Falls
  • Exposure to Harmful Substances

Nearly 39% of fatal workplace accidents occurred as a result of transportation and vehicle operation which is a staggering amount. The third most common came in with 16% with a large percentage of that coming as a result of unsafe operation of equipment. Next was falls in the workplace which can happen at any time which goes to show you the important of proper fall protection training.

Following falls, exposure to harmful and hazardous substances was the next most common workplace incident that resulted in death. This has been a major driver for the rise in HAZWOPER training courses like the HAZWOPER 40 Hour.

We hope you’ve found the data useful not only for your own safety in the workplace but for others as well.

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