5 Common Safety Hazards on a Construction Site

Workplace safety is a subject that’s important for every business but few others encounter the types of dangers found in construction work. In 2019 alone, OSHA reported that there were over 3000 construction deaths. When you take into consideration that fact that construction workers only make up about 8 percent of the total workforce, 20 […]

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Online Training Continues to Improve

Two University of Illinois professors talk about the benefits of online learning and how studies are under way to continue improving the E-Learning experience for students. “Almost all the growth in higher education has to do with online learning.  There is now 6 million students in higher education taking at least one online course and […]

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E-Learning Today

The Wall Street Journal recently published a very interesting article on the state of online learning in the U.S. today.  It talked primarily about e-learning and its growth among students in school grades K-12, comparing the progress of students in these online programs to their traditionally educated peers in physical classrooms. While none of our […]

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