5 Types of Hazardous Waste

When you envision hazardous waste, do you think of oozing liquids that are covered with cross-bone and skull stickers? This sort of image can definitely fall within the hazardous waste category. However, almost any manufacturing process or industry can create hazardous waste. There are other kinds of hazardous waste that you might not realize are […]

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The 10 Rules of an Effective HazMat First Responder

Accidental releases of industrial products lead to fires, explosions, and death. Famous ones make the news. But in an average year, there are 34,000 hazmat incidents in the US, which makes this a very prevalent hazard across a variety of industries and job sites. More than half are spills of fewer than 10 gallons. The […]

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The Dangers of Radon

When you buy a new house or move into a new office, you will most likely be provided with a radon disclosure that tells you whether the seller has any knowledge of elevated levels of radon on the property.  This is a newer type of disclosure and reflects the growing awareness of the dangers of […]

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EPA Updating Underground Storage Tank Rules

The rule is only in the proposal stage right now, but the EPA looks to be adding to it’s 1988 underground storage tank technical, financial responsibility, and state program approval regulations. From the EPAs proposal: Proposed changes include:  Adding secondary containment requirements for new and replaced tanks and piping; adding operator training requirements; adding periodic […]

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