A Confined Space Holiday Safety Wish

by: Safety Scrooge About this time every year I find it more and more difficult to get into the “Holiday Spirit”. Maybe, like you, I work too hard, too long, and commute too far. Maybe we’ve all become hardened by the never ending flow of disturbing local and world news. Did I leave out the […]

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Confined Space Training Can Create Heroes

It sounds like the start of a good story; a child falls into a well and the town mobilizes to rescue them.  Heroes rise up and villains fall.  Real people who fall into wells do get rescued, and sometimes it’s in time.  Sometimes there is a villain who failed to protect the public from danger. […]

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Duties of Confined Space Team Members

Continuing our series on confined space hazards, this post will discuss the responsibilities of each team member of a permit required confined space entrance team. No worker should enter a confined space without the proper support team in place. There are 3 main members to a confined space team. 1. Entrant 2. Attendant 3. Supervisor […]

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