Duties of Confined Space Team Members

Continuing our series on confined space hazards, this post will discuss the responsibilities of each team member of a permit required confined space entrance team. No worker should enter a confined space without the proper support team in place. There are 3 main members to a confined space team. 1. Entrant 2. Attendant 3. Supervisor […]

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When Is Fall Protection Needed?

With Fall Protection being the most often cited safety violation across work sites, it’s important to know when it is required to be used.  Below is a list of examples of when OSHA requires protection to be used, along with illustrations showing situations of use or lack thereof. Fall Protection is needed when any one […]

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OSHA Competent Persons & Why They’re Important

Looking for training courses that our 100% online? Visit our competent person course catalog. The Competent Person is arguably one of the most underused safety personnel on any given job site. Yet it is one of the most referenced responsibilities in construction regulations and many employers don’t realize that one is required on every job […]

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Thinking of Skimping on Safety? Think Again.

The last few years have been tough on the economy, and especially to our small businesses.  Business owners everywhere are working with tighter budgets, and many programs or activities that don’t directly benefit the bottom line are getting cut, or at best, reduced. What to cut and what to keep?  No doubt, this is a […]

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