Hot Work #3

This course on Hot Work and Hot Work Safety was very informative, and I now feel safe to be assigned to be doing and assisting work in an area where Hot work is being performed. Also fire watch and fire safety are now on a first check list of mine when entering any work area […]

Asbestos CP #4

Great Course! The quiz at the end of each module, enables you to use the mistakes you have made as an additional learning tool. This is a good step forward toward completing the remainder of my asbestos training. The ability to start and stop at will also is a real advantage for folks who are […]

Asbestos CP #3

I loved the quizzes at the end of each module! They definitely helped when studying for the final exam! I also liked how I could take this course at my own pace, I am a note taker so being able to pause the lecture was really important to me.

Hazwoper 24 #2

Easy to learn, easy to use, highly affordable, very interactive, & very educative course. I would highly recommend this to any professional looking to do work in the field of OSHA/NIOSH whether they wanna be an inspector, a construction worker, a doctor, or any other federal worker. This is some pretty decent training. Highly recommended!

Lead Safety #7

Great class. Easy to follow and convenient. Our local classes fill up quick but this class was much cheaper. I don’t feel like I missed out on anything by taking it online. I was able to rewind, take time to research equipment and material costs. The pictures gave me options for procedures and I feel […]