The Dangers of Radon

When you buy a new house or move into a new office, you will most likely be provided with a radon disclosure that tells you whether the seller has any knowledge of elevated levels of radon on the property.  This is a newer type of disclosure and reflects the growing awareness of the dangers of […]

Cold Stress – Be Prepared

NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) has an informative page on their site dedicated to the different kinds of cold stress workers can be exposed to in winter months, as well as symptoms and first aid remedies to treat those symptoms. Below is a quick fact sheet from NIOSH on this topic and […]

When Is Fall Protection Needed?

With Fall Protection being the most often cited safety violation across work sites, it’s important to know when it is required to be used.  Below is a list of examples of when OSHA requires protection to be used, along with illustrations showing situations of use or lack thereof. Fall Protection is needed when any one […]