Guide to Hiring a Safety Professional

The American Society of Safety Engineers has published an informative guide to hiring a safety professional.  This can be a handy resource for managers that are looking to add an employee in this field, or for applicants hoping to get a job in this field.  It includes the necessary education, work experience, and specific certifications […]

E-Learning Today

The Wall Street Journal recently published a very interesting article on the state of online learning in the U.S. today.  It talked primarily about e-learning and its growth among students in school grades K-12, comparing the progress of students in these online programs to their traditionally educated peers in physical classrooms. While none of our […]

Blog Launch!

Welcome to eTraining’s blog!  We’ve just launched this new addition to our site and as such, this is our inaugural blog post.  Since our company, and this site, is dedicated to providing great online training, specifically workplace safety training, this blog will focus around that topic.  We will write about and discuss all things related […]