Guide to Hiring a Safety Professional

Safety ManagerThe American Society of Safety Engineers has published an informative guide to hiring a safety professional.  This can be a handy resource for managers that are looking to add an employee in this field, or for applicants hoping to get a job in this field.  It includes the necessary education, work experience, and specific certifications that workers at various levels of safety management should have to qualify for the different job types in this industry.

The safety management levels covered in the guide include entry-level job types as well as technicians, managers, directors and executive level positions.

The guide also has tips on what to look for in a candidate and other things to be aware of in the hiring process, as well as an interview guide and a frequently asked questions section. This can also be beneficial if you are in the safety industry and looking for a job, as it will show what a hiring manager will be looking for in a candidate and what to be prepared for.

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