Scaffold Safety Course


If you work, or are going to be working, in or around scaffolds and at height, then this course will provide you with a very nice introduction on how you can do this type of work safely.

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Course Description

This fully narrated course contains a knowledge check quiz and a final. The quiz will prepare you for the final, which you will take at the end of the course. After passing the final with a score of 70% or better, you will be able to print a personalized certificate with your name, the course you passed, the date taken, certificate number, as well as our company information should anyone need to verify the authenticity of the certificate. This course contains photos, interactivity, and valuable information to those needing to learn the basics of working on scaffolds safely.

Please note: This Scaffold Safety Course should be used to compliment an overall safety training program that should include sufficient hands on training and practice.

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