Free Disaster Recovery Training for Volunteers

With every tragedy that occurs in the U.S., there is a wave of support from volunteers around the country.   These people give their time, and travel to these areas to help clean up and restore these communities.  We give these people the skills and know-how to be as safe and effective as possible.

How We Help

eTraining partners with disaster relief organizations around the country to train their volunteers to safely respond and work in the following clean-up scenarios (and many more):

 • Hazwoper Training                          •  Demolished Buildings/Structures                   •  Respiratory Protection

 • Debris Removal                            •  Heavy Lifting/Back Safety                                •  Mold Safety

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If you are a disaster recovery organization interested in providing your workers and volunteers with training that can help them perform these important jobs more safely, please contact us at 815-556-9384, or

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