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LEED Certification and Green Building: An Introduction

“Go Green!” This statement has become very popular over the past few years. You have seen it in advertisements, on shopping bags, on television, and in a wide variety of other sources. People have developed a strong awareness of how they are impacting the world. With the increasing concern about the environment, energy conservation and potential global warming, the push for green design and construction has grown dramatically in the last couple years. Along with this drive, there has been a desire to create agencies and accreditation programs that support and govern green building.

This 1-hour interactive online course introduces you to green building and green certification programs, including LEED. The course begins with a look at what green is, why it is popular, and what impacts it has on the environment. It then moves into how the AIA standard forms provide for sustainable design issues. It wraps up by taking a close look at the USGBC’s LEED Certification and Accreditation process.

Course Details

This course is approximately 1 hour in length, with an exam at the end. Once you pass the exam with a score of 70% or better, you can print your personalized certificate right from your computer, or download it as a PDF.

The course is fully narrated and packed with photos, interactivity, links to related content, and downloadable material.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain what Green building is
  • Identify who determine that a Project is Green
  • Describe Design Professional Duty to Design Green
  • Define LEED
  • Identify the Role of a LEED AP
  • Identify the key components for LEED V 3.0
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