Asbestos CP #3

I loved the quizzes at the end of each module! They definitely helped when studying for the final exam! I also liked how I could take this course at my own pace, I am a note taker so being able to pause the lecture was really important to me.

Hazwoper 24 #2

Easy to learn, easy to use, highly affordable, very interactive, & very educative course. I would highly recommend this to any professional looking to do work in the field of OSHA/NIOSH whether they wanna be an inspector, a construction worker, a doctor, or any other federal worker. This is some pretty decent training. Highly recommended!

Ladder Competent Person #2

This course was very helpful with showing what to look for and the various types of ladders that the industries have. Showing the ratings, distance and overlap some of these ladders can have to helped me alot, I had no idea there was an overlap standard before I took this course.