Electrical Safety #1

Good course.  It provides a refresher for those individuals that are up-to-date with electrical safety and provides a good training platform for those individuals in need of specific training requirements.

Fire Safety Health Care #1

Great course. I learned more than I did in the classroom. More organizations need to utilize eTraining. Too much extra sharing occurs in the classroom. I constantly made the statement along with others that they could have done the training in 2 hours.

Excavation CP #5

Course was easy to use, understand and navigate through.Chat was available during the course if I needed assistance.Definitely recommend. Easy to sign up. Did not need any additional assistance. Used this for the Excavation & Trenching Competent Person Certification. Completed the course in 5 hours. If I had to step away from the computer, I […]

Asbestos CP #1

Very informative course.  Would recommend others to take for extra knowledge and learning.  Learned more than I thought I already knew.  Would recommend site to others.

Crane Operator #2

It is very helpful and easy to understand.  Thank you for everything, I hope the next course is as interesting as this one, it helped me to remember a lot of safety measures that are important on the procedure and performance of the job.