Crane Safety: Crane accident stats worldwide for 2012 are far from uplifting.

Crane safety stats this year have been marred with worldwide mishaps resulting in deaths, injuries and property damage. Here’s an excerpt from the Crane Accidents web site that gathers crane accident reports from around the world. The geographic scope of the crane accidents reported show that crane operating safety is a serious matter.   George Town, Grand Cayman […]

Crane Safety Competent Person #1

I feel like your course helped me to know and recognize a lot of the dangers of cranes. The course flowed well together with easy learning modules. Thanks for taking the time to put together a well thought out course. I will definitely be back to take some other classes.

Fire Safety #4

This fire safety course was much more in depth than the courses I have taken in person.  I appreciate the added knowledge given during your training sessions in regards to the various types of fires and how they should not all be treated the same to put them out.

Rigging Course #1

I thought your course was informative and easy to follow.  With the quiz every half hour or so it broke up the training also with preparing you for the final test.  I would recommend this riggers course to anyone who has a need or interest in rigging.

Fire Safety #3

I was very pleased with the layout of the study guide. I appreciated the self timed section and all of the diagrams and charts.  Thank you for providing such quality education! I give your program 5 stars.

Crane Rigging Safety is Not a Luxury – It is a Necessity

Construction has always been one of the most dangerous professions; unfortunately, this inherent danger becomes even greater when a building site is particularly lofty or the building materials are exceptionally heavy. In these very difficult situations cranes provide the lift needed to move these heaviest of building materials into their proper locations, but crane rigging safety must […]